Herbal Facial Steam

Herbal Facial Steam


Contrary to popular belief, pores do not actually open or close. They can however, get clogged from dead skin cells, dirt, pollution, bacteria, etc. that are unfortunately a part of our skin's everyday life. An herbal steam is a wonderfully effective way to loosen and dislodge trapped oil and debris that can dull your complexion or cause breakouts. Steaming also helps to stimulate circulation and dilate the blood vessels, bringing fresh blood and nutrients to the skin cells.

This wonderful facial steam consists of organic herbs specifically chosen to deeply cleanse, balance, restore, and tone. The simple act of breathing in the floral aromas will leave you calm and relaxed. After steaming, your face will look and feel refreshed, renewed and radiant.


lavender*, chamomile*, calendula*, blue cornflower*, rose petals*    

*organic ingredient

4 oz.


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