Intensive Moisturizer

Intensive Moisturizer


Moisturize. Soothe. Repair. Treat. Nourish.

We’ve taken nine organic herbs known for their skin restoring, mending, and nourishing properties and infused them into a blissful blend of organic olive and sunflower oils. Then we top it off with lavender, chamomile and carrot seed essential oils - each one known the world over as a remarkable skin restoring, soothing and mending powerhouse.

Use this nourishing salve wherever your skin needs attention. Excellent as a daily/nightly face moisturizer. Repairs and restores dry cracked winter skin – especially those irritating cracks and splits around fingertips. Soothes and nourishes Eczema. Combats rashes and razor burn. Soothes sunburn.

Safe for all skin types.

Made with 100% organic ingredients.


raw shea butter, botanically infused olive and sunflower oils (comfrey root & leaf, calendula, burdock, rose, yarrow, chickweed, horsetail, aloe vera, marshmallow root & leaf), jojoba oil, beeswax, essential oils of carrot seed, chamomile & lavender, non-GMO vitamin E

2 oz.

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